One more year ... Merry Christmas to all prisoners!
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Almost without we realise, we have spent one more year in the calendar, which in turn implies that there are less than two weeks left for the third birthday of our spooky and filthy dungeon, a remarkable record if we bear in mind what it costs today a project gets consolidated in the network of networks. Whether we like it or not, such a special days deal with us sometimes with excessive advance as evidenced by the streets of every country of the world’s geography. This are decorated for the occasion with a wide range of colored light and ornaments, accompanied by a myriad of popular tunes as carol that young and old people sing nonstop. However, the austerity of The Dungeon, so characteristic throughout the year, makes a wink to that habits these days offering a much more suitable and in turn strange image for prisoners throughout the year dwell on this terrifying place against their will.

It is also noteworthy that unlike previous years the situation of The Abandon Dungeon during this period is fully stable, a stability that has been the usual note throughout the year. We have left behind us the countless failures of the server and some other unfortunate incident that made the page hang in the balance. It appears, therefore, that we can finally celebrate a real Christmas in this, our dungeon.

I can’t say goodbye without highlighting the work of many of my men here. Important work has been done by the always enigmatic Mercenario, who got  to establish himself as the supreme head of the dungeons, controlling everything from his dependences. At his service, the executioners Niktgrump and Darius and Guybrush_11 the torturer, whose work less fine and not too clean has even managed to sow terror among the prisoners in this place. Very important has been the work developed by our vigilants Killer_666 and 7f4df451, that have been responsible of maintaining order in each dependence. Like them, the sentry guards Marxianna and Puaj, Williamking, Lord_Damian have recently joined their respective positions, showing a great experience and fulfilling its role to perfection. Finally, I can’t forget the more than 4000 remaining prisoners, whose suffering and painful stay at The Dungeon have made it to work with the precission of a swiss watch.

For this and for all of them, I wish you a very happy and terrifying celebrations here and see you in 2009! My most ghoulish greetings, my dear prisoners ...


Translated by Obijuan

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