The Guardian achieves victory in the second edition of Online Games Tournament
Fecha Domingo, 04 diciembre a las 01:03:53
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Months and months of competition have been needed in this 2nd Online Games Tournament in The Abandon Dungeon for the positions will be clarified and, thus, have a definitive winner who awards the title of champion. As happened in the previous tournament, very few games have had an overwhelming dominance by any of the participants, showing a great equalty in most of them. Especially by the top two (Guardian and Guybrush_11) that during all this time have maintained an interesting battle at the head of the classification. Unlike two years ago, the number of games has been increased besides existing a great variety, what has generated a considerable interest from participants, which are the claim for future competitions.

The partial victories have been distributed only among 4 participants (Guardian, Guybrush_11, 7f4df451 and Nikgrump), what might suggest a stranglehold by some users during the tournament, but a total of 15 competitors have been able to add one point to the general classification as shown in the following table:

In this second edition, both the level of involvement and the interest shown from the outset increase the chances that, in short, a new tournament can be held which would have new features over its predecessors. Such developments would be, mostly, the inclussion of new games so I advise you to pay special attention in the near future.

Being my hope that you have enjoyed this tournament, even more than the previous one, I say goodbye and invite you all to the next new edition.


Translated by Obijuan

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