Action in The Abandon Dungeon starring Indiana Jones
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As if the Theory of natural selection it were, everyday everyone of those who live badly struggle in order to stay alive a few weeks more and not to soccumb to death, faithful companion of our suffering and hungry prisoners. Only the strongest , or raher, less weak are those who grab life among the moisture and dirt of their unhealthy cells. The tunnel seems to have no end, nor the light glimpsed or at least, imagined, in such a dark and sinister corner. However, a few prisoners remain hopeful, perhaps as a result of their incipient madness that in the not too distant future will end this nightmare for them. Decimated as they are, continue fighting against a senseless situation that has no way out.

However, the anguish and despair of this terrible reality is mitigated by each periodical update coming to The Abandon Dungeon. On this occasion, there are four titles you can enjoy: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Dragonsphere, The Legacy: Realm of Terror and Ultima VII: The Black Gate.

Finally, I remind you that try to participate more or less actively in all activities offered here now and throughout the summer.

Enjoy your stay in this filthy, grimy place as your strenght allow, my dear prisoners ...


Translated by Obijuan

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