The First Abandon Dungeon On Line Games Tournament came to an end
Fecha Lunes, 31 octubre a las 03:28:26
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After months of arduous competition, the First "Abandon Dungeon" On Line Games Tournament came to an end. In this time, there have been a lot of changes and variations on the main positions of each game that were part of the contest. It has been a competition that highlighted the great skills of the prisoners, controlling the classics Tetris, Snake and Space Invaders, which we enjoyed so much in our childhood and youth. Games that will never go out of fashion, in spite of the pass of the years due to their originality and control simplicity.

As warned at its moment, the fact of being between the best prisoners in each game would provide a bunch of points, which will be added in the personal account of each user to the ones that will be gotten hereinafter in other tournaments that will be celebrated in The Dungeon. You can see the final classification below and the points that each user have got after the tournament challenge:

1º Guardian -> 100 puntos
2º Nightshade -> 50 puntos
3º Niktgrump -> 25 puntos
4º RakuRaku678 -> 10 puntos
4º Paskuator -> 10 puntos
4º 7f4df451 -> 10 puntos
5º Corrie -> 5 puntos

Due to after looking through the user list I have found no one that answered the Topotamadre ID, every prisoners that were down from the third place in Tetris win one position in the final classification.

Wishing you all have enjoyed this initiative, I say farewell to you till the next game updating.


Translated by Obijuan

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