Five new, interesting downloads on The Abandon Dungeon
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After some time without updating the downloads section, I come with a new selection of misterious and terrific titles I hope you enjoy. Three mystery games and two horror ones to swell the website collection and to equal the number of files by issue. From now on, I will make constant, periodic updates, so keep an eye every so often  to the new downloads I’ll provide.

First of all, I decided get back to the past several years ago since the last selection to offer these classics: 221 B Baker Street, Black Sect and The Third Courier.

On the other hand, two horror classic games, at the end of 80’s: A Nightmare on Elm Street and Uninvited.

As you know, on each download you’ll find a little comment about it. You can ask any doubt or issue you have with games in our forums, as well as any suggestion or commentary.


Translated by Obijuan

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