Welcome to the Abandon Dungeon
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Hello to everybody and welcome to this scary and terrific place. If you are reading to this words it means that you have been captured and now you are a prisioner in our site, a site where a lot of people enter but no one is able to escape alive. Your visit here will be perpetual and your one and only friend will be your own suffering, pain and distress. You will must learn to live with this feelings till the end of your days.

But you will not feel lonely at all; as the Dungeon Guardian, I will be watching each and every one of your movements. Each day you will find food in your cells to hold your hard day of confinement in your unhealthy rooms and vigilants and sentinels will guard The Dungeon day and night to eliminate any kind of escape hope. We also have murderers and torturers who will not hesitate when imposing the most dreadful and terrible punishment you can imagine to the most troubled prisioners.

But not everything will be hardship and punishment, also will be at your disposal for any questions you have or any requests you wish to consult.

Assume about where you are because your stay will be veeeeeeeery long muhahahahahaha ......


Translated by Darkinferno1981

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