Released Duke Nukem Forever without previous notice! [DECEMBER 28TH 2008 FOOL'S DAY]
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Become one of the greatest mysteries of the world of playful software, 10 years ago the enterprise 3D Realms announced the development, quite advanced of what it would be the best shooter ever, after the success of its immediate predecessor, Duke Nukem 3D. What at first was assumed to be one of the most outstanding news of the day for the lovers of the genre is expected was translated in the most desired and suffered traumatic for many users after the project delays and cancellations.

As time went on, both the programs and the graphics systems used for the game were totally outdated, which together with other problems meant that the release was delayed again and again, exhausting the patience of fans of the series. Discouragement began to be present in all of them, assimilating that what it could be one of the most awesome titles of the decade, would be reduced to a mere outbreak. Even in recent years it had not been provided any information, which seemed to mean the definitive cancellation of the project.

However, nothing is further from reality. The american company 3D Realms surprised yesterday everyone with an announcement that seemed unrealistic for years: The completion of such an arduous and controversial project. It has also used the statement to officially confirm that in the next 2009 early days, all users will be able to enjoy the highly anticipated game in specialized shops and stores.

Thus, 3D Realms keep its word after a long time and pay off the debt that still retained with all its users by offering a title that hopefully will meet the expectations generated throughout this time in terms of quality and prize.


Translated by Obijuan

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