Christmas is coming and with it, the greatest ISO updating of the year
Fecha Jueves, 22 diciembre a las 17:23:56
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While this year is on its last throes, all people, belonging to one or the other cultures, are preparing for receiving such special dates in the middle of an orgy of lights and more or less harmonious carols that flood the streets and the corners of countries and cities of the world geography. This situation, however, goes completely unnoticed to our malnourished and afflicted prisoners that, not being able to reunite with their loved ones can only use their already fragile and fleeting brains to keep his memory alive. The decked balconies and picturesque streets of every places clash with the usual austerity in The Dungeon not only these days, but the rest of the year. Some do not come to Christmas Eve, other, fortunately or not, will ... Meanwhile, unfortunately for our survivors, activity continues in this grimy and gloomy place.

However, some dates as that concern us deserve a major updating with downloads that meets the demands and tastes of those present. Therefore, on this occasion, I present you three ISO’s and you can find from this moment in its corresponding section: Mad Dog McCree, Who Shot Johnny Rock? and Time Gate: Knight's Chase.

We can afford such a waste because of the removal of other titles in the same format, that hadn’t met the expectations nor of the users, nor of myself: Zombieville and Bud Tucker in Double Trouble, so that we have freed kind of space in the hosting to spend a few months peacefully.

I say goodbye to you for a short period of time, because when Christmas period lurk, I’ll be here again to remember it to you, my dear prisoners ... Muhahaha!


Translated by Obijuan

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