The Abandon Dungeon presents the Die Hard and Heimdall sagas together with the Exhumed ISO
Fecha Jueves, 22 diciembre a las 17:02:07
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More than two weeks have elapsed since these dependencies of The Dungeon were taken by the most terrifying and abominable beings imagined in a bloody night that left a huge number of tortures and deaths by these creatures. Such a grisly episode that will be remembered in this terrifying place has resulted in an atmosphere of calm in these recent days, a tense calm that can be breathed in each gallery, in each corner ... Lots of images that the survivors had the misfortune (or not) to witness that terrible night which persists as a hammer repeating over and over again in their tormented heads,  something that will mark even more for the rest of their ephemeral lives, in this bleak, shady place. Guilt can accompany any human till the day of his death, like pain.

As a consolation to such a bitter situation and bearing in mind that this is the last game updating of this 2008 until the activity is back in a month and a half, I inform you that, as usual, five titles have been uploaded: Die Hard, Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Heimdall and Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of Worlds.

Furthermore, the remaining title is offered to you in ISO format. It’s a shooter, a genre that should had a place in The Abandon Dungeon long ago, because of its staging some kind of innovative and the presence of the same article in the corresponding section: Exhumed.

I leave, but not before remind you that several of the tournaments and contests of the site are running for weeks, so you can participate in all of them.


Translated by Obijuan

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