Hallowe’en Night in The Abandon Dungeon (III)
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With hardly have realised, one more year we face the most important festivity in The Dungeon are held by their historical roots and its importance in most of societies and cultures. A date that, as there can be any other way, has a great deal of horror as the main element and characteristic spiced with a few drops of mystery, uncertainty and magic that makes this a “dish” recommended only for those people without feelings of fear and anxiety because of its distinctive gloomy nature. Also known as the Night of the dead and spirits because of its popular ancestral tradition, these leaved cemeteries to seize the bodies of living people and thus, back to life. All the villagers were prey of terror, and they were seeking refuge in their homes to deal with such terrifying creatures.

As usual in this gloomy place, the galleries have been embellished over the week by the most horrific decorative motifs that  at all clash with the environment you can breath here the rest of the year. The prisoners, far from enjoying as the rest of the mortals do, will have to escape and break free from the claws of goblins, zombies, banshees, witches, undead and other grotesque creatures who try to eat their malnourished bodies during this night. Again, Mercenario and Niktgrump will summon the spirits as a means of torture, but, are they safe themselves ...?


Translated by Obijuan

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