Guybrush_11 triumphs in the Logical Intelligence Tournament
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A few weeks ago came to an end the 1st Abandon Dungeon Logical Intelligence Tournament, the longest of those held so far over the three years of life of the page, having served half that time with a competition with has tried to entertain everyone who wished to take part on it. Up to fifty more or less difficult riddles have been provided for the lucid minds of our competitive prisoners who have completed with flying colours in this first edition, showing a great capacity to every challenges that time to time were proposed. Because of we can have only one winner, the man has been Guybrush_11, that with an overwhelming dominance has finaly triumph against his closests pursuers (Harton, Niktgrump, 7f4df451 and CNL) as shown below in final classification:

Thus, Guybrush_11 adds 100 points in his The Abandon Dungeon account, Harton earns 50 points as second placed, and 25 points go for Niktgrump, 7f4df451 and CNL sharing third position in the tournament.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank all those involved. Also, I invite you to continue participating in these contests and tournaments that continue taking place in this, your dungeon.


Translated by Obijuan

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