Mercenario and Niktgrump achieve both victories in the 1st season of the Trivia League
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With a remarkable success, came to an end four days ago the first season of The Abandon Dungeon Trivia League. The most solid and important project of those carried out  on the website along these years. Six months of exciting competition in which every users have demonstrated their knowledge in order to win one of the titles that were granted based on the achievements in the home tournament and in the continental test.

The League was closed with a victory of the Argentine Mercenario, tighter than at first we could think. With Niktgrump defeated (the one that seemed to be his only rival in the struggle for the champion’s scepter) his countryman Lord_Damian culminated a last minute participation marking a record three points below the first, being the first position snatched away from under his nose after a more than worthy intervention and making Mercenario, at least, breathe easy and celebrate his final victory.

If the man from Miramar got to take the title of champion in the home tournament, a few days later Niktgrump would do the same. When it was believed that European Competition would be a duel between the two South Americans thanks to a test structure that clearly benefited them from the rest, Niktgrump suprised everybody overcoming his ghosts from the past and avoiding Mercenario’s double victory.

Thus, the feat achieved by the man from Majorca makes him start with the two argentines the already running second season of the Abandon Dungeon Trivia League as favorite participants. It will extend over the next months.


Translated by Obijuan

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