The Abandon Dungeon raffles a wonderful jackpot of 100 € for Christmas
Fecha Domingo, 04 diciembre a las 01:15:08
Tema Tournaments and Contests

On the occasion of The Abandon Dungeon Christmas Drawing come on, as happened last year, starting from this point with the routine deletion of tickets that, this time, will run until December 22, official date of the mentioned drawing. Three months to be followed with special attention for the users of this place that take part in this lottery for the first time, reaching triple digits with a fantastic amount of 100 €. Thus, The Abandon Dungeon with the help of Paysafecard draws the most substantial prize ever seen in an abandonware thematic page, what gives me a deep satisfaction which I hope to share with the lucky user who win the prize. I add that, with this fabulous prize will be raffled 4 ISOs and 100 accumulable points for the general classification.

It should be noted that, as shown in the rules that appear in the opened thread on the forums, to qualify for the cash prize consisting of 4 pin of 25 € each, the user must have proven sufficient activity on the page, helping its growth, in the opinion of the webmaster.

So, you not only have the conventional lottery, but also will have a second opportunity  which The Dungeon brings in such a special days  as this in which I wish good luck to you all. See you in December 22, prisoners!


Translated by Obijuan

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