The Air Power and Comanche simulators show a new kind of games for first time in The Abandon Dungeon
Fecha Domingo, 04 diciembre a las 00:51:22
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While the rays strike hard at the sky and the thunder deafening roar shake outside The Dungeon, the calvary and suffering keep the prisoners out any external activity. Because, is it not worse the torment for knowing themselves accused of an unfair sentence? Perhaps these thoughts invade the minds of these captives for life in the early days of confinement. However, when the understanding is so decimated, there is no place for the instinct nor the reason. An untenable situation for any mortal, but for those who dwell here, whose absence of hopes and illusions make them wandering through the narrow galleries that will accompany their weakened steps till the day of his death. Fading their strenght, they will continue hovering between life and death among these filthy walls but ... how long?

So much anguish must be compensated in some way, so, just three weeks later I share with you 2 ISOs more that cover a genre that was an “orphan” in The Abandon Dungeon so far: the one of air simulators. Air Power and Comanche CD swell the large list of games of the website.

Looking back over the utilities section that had been abandoned lastly, I also provide a curious and colorful collection of wallpapers, icons, sounds and mouse pointers based on the famous Monkey Island saga.

Stay tuned, as the Guardian shape watch you day and night and may lie in wait for when you least expect it, my dear prisoners ...


Translated by Obijuan

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