First war titles in The Abandon Dungeon accompanying the Alien Incident ISO
Fecha Domingo, 04 diciembre a las 00:23:55
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After a small summer break, the activity returns to The Abandon Dungeon which, far to slow the pace set so far, will continue providing new updates and juicy surprises in the coming months to everyone here. As usual, the lottery will continue adding attractive prizes fo be able to offer users a historic jackpot on the occasion of the Christmas season as are approaching. The Trivia League competitions in the coming weeks will present the second season test, once the staying and relegation positions have been decided. Other constests, however, are coming to an end as the case of articles, so I encourage you in these last days to send your writings and thus be able to win the corresponding award.

But, above all, it is worth noting the new update of games that are available in the downloads section from today. This update is possibly one of the best met over the nearly three years with the following titles: Alien Carnage, Theatre of Death, Offensive, and Blood.

Furthermore, after months of absence, return the ever desired and acclaimed ISOs with a stunning title unknown to the users that can become one of the most remarkable of the site: Alient Incident.

With no more features to note for the moment, I invite you to the next update while you enjoy every part of this gloomy place.


Translated by Obijuan

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