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Day 277. The Dungeon wakes up one more day in the deepest darkness provided by this underground place. The sadness and grief feeling is breathed in every corner, in every cell. Prisoners feel lonely, really lonely, they can’t communicate. They just have got a little notebook in which, like in a journal, they write their experiences or rather,  their terifying daily rutine. And this is the only way they have to exteriorize their feelings. Torture chambers receive lots of visits, working the machines at full capacity.  It’s kind of curious to observe how drastically change the prisoners in this place, aslong as time goes by. They used to cry and groan strongly in the first days for been chosen to be tortured. After a few weeks, they just assumed it when knew what it was going to happen to them.

This dramatic situation deserves a really horrific updating, hence I bring you three high quality games I hope you enjoy: Castlevania, Dream Zone and Horror Zombies from the Crypt.

Besides, I bring a special ISO as a surprise to continue with celebrations for the thousand users. A title I´m sure that will be to your liking: 3-D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night.

As you can see, The Dungeon always bring new and interesting surprises. You won’t have to wait too much for next, because it is related to the usual games poll. So don’t go too far from this sinister place.


Translated by Obijuan

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