The Abandon Dungeon reaches the target of a thousand prisoners!
Fecha Lunes, 31 octubre a las 03:41:14
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One thousand prisoners, a number that neither at the very best we could imagine to reach in so few time. If we date back to the first week of the present year in which The Abandon Dungeon was rising as just another page of the abandonware movement, a little over eight months were needed to reach a number so great and complete. A cipher to which we need to give some careful thought and see that all the effort has not been in vane, and has worth it. And on the other hand, I feel it’s my duty and feel obliged to thank you all the reach of this achievement, in which you take an active part. From now on, the responsibility is bigger and the project harder and more interesting, hence I hope be able to continue offering a service you are identified and enjoyed with, and you like it (at least i’ll keep my effort for it).

But, as I have well learnt along my life, words are not enough to thank you, so I bring a complete trilogy to celebrate this event. The Realms of Arkania saga (three parts): Blade of Destiny, Star Trail and Shadows over Riva.

Anyway, there will be a new updating in brief, so keep an eye on your screens. The surprises have just started ...

Just want to THANK YOU all.


Translated by Obijuan

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