Action with the Prince of Persia saga and a little surprise!
Fecha Lunes, 31 octubre a las 03:34:50
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Summer is coming to an end and the hours of light are reduced, unlike The Dungeon were prisoners lack sunlight all the year long. Darkness and  shadiness pervade of grief and sadness this place, which can be seen in the alarming, terrible silence that is breathed in each corridor and corner of this underground place. Aren’t listened groans in pain anymore, anguished cryings or thunderous voices that show the suffering of the prisoners here as previously. The absent of feelings and emotions is more evident as the time goes on ... but the notion of time doesn’t exist in The Dungeon ...

And keeping the theme of dungeons and cells, this is a new games updating that answers a bunch of requests that were pending on the corresponding sub-forum. The titles that make up the update are the Prince of Persia saga (with its two first parts and a remake of the original) and a curious freeware game called ACCEsinato.

We will have many surprises in the near days due to little by little we are approaching the waited and wanted number or 1000 prisoners, besides the present games poll is coming to an end.

Intense weeks are predicted in The Abandon Dungeon, son keep watching.


Translated by Obijuan

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