The ISO's return to The Dungeon
Fecha Miércoles, 26 octubre a las 03:12:36
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The arrive and encounter with any close person is always a reason of joy and merriment ... as long if he's not the always enigmatic and cruel Guardian. After this month in which I left my men in charge, who did their job perfectly maintaining the same life conditions that were when I left, I person before you again to let you know that I return to establish a higher discipline, a disciplinary regime for all and each one of the prisoners that will be accompanied with new punishments in the reformed torture chambers. I hope you enjoy the surprises you will meet in the near future ...

Tortures and punishments apart, I bring you 3 new ISO's to keep completing the collection of The Dungeon: Ark of Time (the adventure chosen by the prisoners), The Orion Conspiracy and Duke Nukem 3D.

Remember you can still vote in the current poll the game you wish to be the winner, four titles of which you have to choose one (some of them unseen so far in the abandon world).

Do not trust, the shadow of the Guardian will always be where you less imagine it ...


Translated by Luchoag

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