The sensual Elvira arrives at The Abandon Dungeon
Fecha Miércoles, 26 octubre a las 03:06:45
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Terrible days for The Dungeon prisoners that, during this last month, besides the psychological crisis and the physical decay to which they are subject through the whole year, high temperatures characteristic of this season are joined (in Spain where this place is located), which become even more unbearable in the underground galleries in which they are secluded in their cells. Something as common and usual as the fact of observing the sunlight day by day has fallen into oblivion for the prisoners here, who, however, have to bear up the charged environment that in a place without the proper ventilation like this exists.

But, to make this situation more liveable, here I bring you and important series of games that had been requested by some of you in the forums, the Elvira series, which consists of three games: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Elvira 2: The Jaws of Cerberus and Elvira: The Arcade Game.

Plus, I'm also managing some things on the site in the last few days, of whose changes you will notified as soon as I finish them. I hope you'll find it terrifying ...

I bid you farewell until another visit. Be careful of what you do in my "absence" ...


Translated by Luchoag

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