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Fecha Miércoles, 26 octubre a las 02:56:46
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Several weeks had passed since the last update in The Dungeon, there hadn't been any news in this sinister place due to the maintenance of it, that despite the dirt, the smell of rotten flesh and unhealthy conditions, it does keep a regime of periodics checks (often to worsen the conditions in which prisoners live daily). Despite the inminent change of server already announced in the forums, until then, it will continue with the upload of games updates, communicating it properly and with enough advance to the prisoners the day it will take place.

For the moment the update is for only three games that had been requested in the forums, due to the short time I have for the server issue, the titles being: Dark Seed, Loom and Maniac Mansion.

For now and how you might already checked, the ISO's are stopped, but as soon as we have our server back I'll upload all of them again along with the poll winner, introducing a new one with other games.

With no further things to say and after the routine visit of all and each one of the cells of this place, I momentarily farewell you prisoners, but remember that you are never alone, I'm always watching you ...


Translated by Luchoag

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