Three more ISO's and new friend sites
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A lot of movement has been in The Dungeon in this last month (despite the lack of updates) that has been characterized mainly by the changes that have occurred in the prisoners ranks due to a greater contribution of each one of them in the forums. This way we have our first Sentinel (Cthulhu) and one Keeper (Mercenario), that since a few days have been taking a series of night surveillance tasks to support The Guardian. Of course, there is no need to say that these tasks will not be rewarded with special permits nor will take less punishments compared to other prisoners. The Dungeon is not characterized by the privileges, muhahahaha!

On the other hand, we have to say that in the next days, new websites will be added to the Friend Sites list we have in our main menu, in case there's someone interested on visiting them, because is a very interesting section that's worth a look.

And, how it couldn't be otherwise, I bring a new game update that I have added to the already existing one, with what we reach the non-negligible amount of 70 games. This time, they are three requests made in the forums a while ago: The Summoning, Veil of Darkness and Waxworks.

Also, something that can't miss here each month, our beloved and terrifying ISO's, being also three in this occasion: Dungeon Keeper, Stonekeep and MDK.

Don't forget either to keep choosing your favorite game, since the poll it's in its lasts days and, as I usually say, I watch you day and night, prisoners.


Translated by Luchoag

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