ISO's alluvium in The Dungeon
Fecha Miércoles, 26 octubre a las 02:21:47
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The days, the hours, the minutes and even every second pass by in The Dungeon as if they were years. Each prisoner's mien shows unequivocally the suffer and the punishment that their soul and body has suffered in their stay in this dismal place, a place that day by day decreases the physical and mental faculties of each person that the capricious destiny decided that should remain isolated from the outside world until his final rest.

But inside the routine this places offers, there's some room for news, news that show themselves more surprising than ever, since a total of four ISO's that represent great classics of the the history of video games is presented this time: Flight of the Amazon Queen, Heart of China, Death Rally and Heretic.

Besides, the poll for the three graphic adventures is still on without a clear winner, so it will stay active for some more time. You get to decided, Hopkins FBI, Ark of Time or Jack Orlando.

Heartrending shouts and disconsolates cries can be heared along the underground galleries of The Dungeon ... I keep watching you ...


Translated by Luchoag

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