We reach 300 prisoners with four new games and the promised ISO: Zorro
Fecha Miércoles, 26 octubre a las 01:42:21
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The maintenance of The Dungeon has delayed the new update. The smell to putrid meat and the amount of rats and other carrying disease animals that had settled down here had make it necessary the immediate cleaning of each room (by the prisoners, not me), given that the unhealthy conditions of the place started to be worrying.

But, sooner or later, new updates as the one I am presenting you now had to come. This new update consists of four new mystery games that will keep you on tenterhooks in front of your screens: Crime City, Crime Time, Floor 13 and Free D.C.!

And as I have been announcing these last few days, the great success the page has experienced since its beginning this year, on January the 4th, has made me want to reward each one of the prisoners with one of my favorite ISO's: Zorro.

Do not forget to keep voting for the next ISO either (Stonekeep or Exhumed), as it will be soon uploaded together with the new update.  Furthermore, you can request any game you want through the forums.

Night is falling around us, but not in the subsoil, where the prisoners live in everlasting darkness ...


Translated by Adriii

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