Another horrific update
Fecha Sábado, 22 octubre a las 07:28:36
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My prisoners were waiting expectantly the coming of a new games updating, that is late a little, but it’s waiting is worth it, due to the great titles that this time are provided. This update is the second of the same issue, hence the next will bring the mystery back to your screens with titles that will surprise you.

But let’s focus the present update. Four are the new games that swell the list of the website: Bloodnet, NightHunter, Defender of Boston and the super-classic Shadow of the Comet (in spanish).

On the other hand, it is still open the poll to the next downloadable ISO, so vote, because the sooner we reach the number of votes we need, the sooner you’ll enjoy any of these two provided mega games this time.

Nothing more to say for my side, just one more thing. The next updating will be made in a few days, so stay alert from your cells.


Translated by Obijuan

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