Three more games and a new downloadable ISO: Ecstatica
Fecha Sábado, 22 octubre a las 07:20:09
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How is the week going, prisoners? Well, well, I didn’t expect so much movement on it. We have had the official nomination prisoners of Cthulhu and Dan (this latter used the torturation chamber for the first time, because of his lack of discipline ... a measure that won’t pass unnoticed for the rest of prisoners, which from now on will think twice his acts before carrying them out ... MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!).

As it has become, I came to announce the new weekly update. This time, there are only horror games (besides the ISO) due to the amount of mystery games I provided last week. I have chosen to you three games (no more,  no less), which I’m sure you will enjoy: Doctor Who: Dalek Attack, Dylan Dog and the well known and wanted Hero Quest.

Besides, the ISO selected in the last poll, an adventure that is still one of the people preferences, in spite of the pass of the years: Ecstatica.

From now on, I will be working in the next update that, I advance you, it will include the megagame Shadow of the Comet. Remember that you can vote in the new poll for chosing the next uploaded ISO (Exhumed or Stonekeep).

Have horrific dreams in your gloomy cells ...


Translated by Obijuan

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