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The life in The Dungeon goes on, bad for ones, worse for others, but in order to bear the hardship and the inflicted punishements in this place, I bring you more new content after the week’s dead stop.

First of all, two changes have been made in the main page, as you probably have noticed. On the one hand, a very useful section in which you’ll able to set the time of your country, and several options like contact the webmaster, set this site as your main page, or add it to favorites. On the other hand, a new module in the main menu called Symantec. It is a section that keep us informed about the most usual viruses at the moment of your visit, besides of how hazardous they are.

And as it couldn’t be any other way, new games to keep on swelling the downloads section of this site.

This time I offer you one of the best horror sagas ever: The three first Dangerous Dave titles.

And as for mystery, three thrill and stress games: Lethal Weapon and Deja Vu.

That’s all so far, keep an eye on your cells, prisoners ... New terrific features are coming ...


Translated by Obijuan

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