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Welcome back, prisoners. I contact you this time to announce the upload of the first games and utilities you’ll able to enjoy by accessing the proper menu once you were registered and logged in with your username. This uploading proccess will be periodic, because every so often I’ll place at your disposal new downloads, mantaining the older ones. Besides, It will be given an organised, tidy section, because I try to upload a pair number of games of each issue. Now, I’ll make a quick comment my first selection without delay:

First of all, I opted for a classic horror game trilogy: Alone in the Dark, apart from the Jack in the Dark minigame, included in the second part of the saga.

On the other hand, I’ve made a varied choice of mystery games, with titles like Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel, KGB and The Dark Half.

Unfortunately, many of these titles may cause execution problems in some of your computers (the newest ones). Because of it, I provide you three essential tools which you will be able to run those games that don´t want to work: DOSBox, Scummvm and VDMSound.

That’s all so far. Remember that on each download you’ll find a little description about it and in the right menu I have run a poll in order to you can vote what will be the first uploaded ISO thematic about.


Translated by Obijuan

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