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More utilities, new sections and first ISO to download: Evidence
Several changes and news in the last week on The Abandon Dungeon. Whilst you have got no news for more than a week about what it was being done on the web, I seized the opportunity to devote myself to make other updatings not referred just to download content, as it used to be in last weeks, some of which I have notified to you  in writting, hardly a day ago.

First of all, and as a bombshell new, something that will make history on this website, the first ISO has been uploaded! A day ago the survey that has been exposed to the users for weeks, was closed with a clear result: 13 votes to 7. The approval of the users was inclined to mystery games (against the horror ones). As a consequence of it, what I was notifying via e-mail to all users, the upluading of Evidence, a mystery adventure in which we’ll have to proof our innocence after the murder of our ex–girlfriend and to discover who has been the killer. In the game download, you will find a little comment about the game, to better find your way.

Anyway, as you have realised, I have made several changes in the web. This way, I have added a group of  sections that will be really useful. An issue will show the most downloaded files, another one have the user informed about the last written messages in our forums and, finally, a section in which some minibanners of future related pages to The Abandon Dungeon will be shown.

To conclude, I have updated the utilities section by adding three more, that will be really helpful if you got old games: Lock Smith, Mo’Slo and Screen Thief.

Nothing more to say on my side, just encourage you to keep on voting in the new pool that I have left, which will decide the second ISO of the web.


Translated by Obijuan

Enviado el Sábado, 22 octubre a las 06:30:45 por guardian

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